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A New Slant on Gradients

Posted by danudin on July 29, 2010

Nothing new for you old hand scrappers, but this Old Dog just learned a new trick! Thanks Karen!

After playing around with Alibony’s Layer Mask Action, and some personal advice I started playing around with gradients in PSE 7. So in trying to get something snazzy for a Lucky Seat Prize for our Trivia Event this weekend, I went crazy with Gradients and angles and got something we both liked to put under the lucky winners seat.

Being who I am I thought “What If”??

Well this is the result and you can do it too!

In PSE7 (could work in other versions) create a new blank file 400 x 400 resolution 220/

Select the Gradient Tool, Click on the gradient selector go into the Gradient Menu nd select default.

In the default  group select the first option (foreground to background) move over to the canvas drag diagonally left top corner to bottom right corner, release.

Back to the selector, select the second in the group (foreground to transparent) back to the canvas and again drag top L to Bottom R, release then continue to do this once for each of the selections in order, until you have completed the last one. Then go to the top Right Corner and drag down to Bottom left, release. You should have something close to what I have posted. I am blown away by the colours. I admit I got the best results by starting and finishing in different positions but that to me is not repeatable.

Nothing to most of you I understand but to a non-artist, this is painting with beautiful instan results. Love this! Yeah Alibony


3 Responses to “A New Slant on Gradients”

  1. Judi Clark said

    This is neat. When I have more time (I’m supposed to be getting off the computer to watch a movie), I’ll study and maybe try this out myself. On my list of things to do is to go through all of Alibony’s tutorials.

  2. Sigh…. when I am retired I too will have time to learn such fun and wonderful things! Love the color!!!

  3. victry1 said

    That came out really nice!! I like it. I miss having the time to work on any photoshop projects. I’ve been so busy lately, that even my house has gone to pot!!

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