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Photowalk 50mm Lens Test results 4 of 4

Posted by danudin on July 28, 2010

Taken with 50mm Lens

Changed to 70-300mm Lens @ 100mm

What the 300mm Lens saw.

Admittedly only one of these shots was taken wit the 50mm Prime, but to my mind highlights just how good the lens handled the job I asked of it. If anything the first shot shows a much better feel of where I was. (Standing on the Goodwill Bridge – Over the Brisbane River)  I then changed to the 70-300mm lens to get closer as Tammy would not lend me a broom and remember I was cropping with my feet all day to that point. It amazed me that I only had to adjust to 100mm to get the second shot, so zoomed out to 300mm to see what was visible, at a range of between 500-800 metres.

I thought the ship had a close resemblance to the vessel “Erasmus” from the Shogun series starring Richard Chamberlain from a few years back, there was an ex-sailor in the photowalk who put me on the right track by telling me “It is a Junk” and when I reiterated that I thought it looked like the Erasmus, I was firmly informed ” But it’s Junk rigged – therefore it is a Junk” So I hope you enjoy my Junk photographs that end my 50mm experiment, which I deem a success.

Sunsequent posts will include shots I took while walking through Brisbane to the Botanic Gardens, and some shots from the Roma St. Parklands where I had promsed to go to see if I could snap some more Magnolia blooms, but it would seem I was too late as the one I got a few weeks ago was the last for the season, and I was told to come back in october. I shall be returning to my AF lenses from now on but trust me the 50mm Lens will be close at hand as it is a killer tool. Julie suggested buying an AF 50mm lens, but this one works so I will put that off and save my pennies to buy a F1: 1.2 35mm AF lens way off in the future.

Thanks for your interest and support!


4 Responses to “Photowalk 50mm Lens Test results 4 of 4”

  1. Sheila said

    I really think that you’ve got it nailed! Great images.

  2. ~Val said

    I’ve enjoyed your experiment. I have a 50mm lens that sits on a shelf, mostly. I could have used the extra f/stops this past weekend, but would have missed other shots due to lack of zoom. Guess it’s a trade-off!

    • danudin said

      As they say in the classics. “Ya pays ya money and ya takes ya chances or What you pick up on the swings you miss on the Herdy Girdy:

  3. regularman said

    Ron – I think you and your 50 have become good friends. It’s certainly serving you well. Congrats!


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