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Photowalk 50mm Lens Test results 2 of 4

Posted by danudin on July 26, 2010

Circumstance conspired to make all of these three shots a mini disaster to a greater or lesser degree, I will go into the background of each one but for all that I still found them useable, as well as telling quite a story.

The first shot was the second taken after my Bamboo shot, the first was blown out, coming from the dark into the open, thus blowing out the shot. In the time it took to adjust the shutter speed the bird also came into view. Thus turning disaster into success. The second shot wasn’ta success, it was failure but I got the shot, as I have learned snap it first figure out the niceties later. I saw two ducks, one preening it’s chest and the other asleep with it’s head tucked under his wing, snap the shot above. Thinking that with them so occupied I would be able to sneak up on them,  I started moving slowly, too slowly, some little brat came barreling past and they were gone.  Well it is against the law to grab the kid and toss him in the pond – It might scare the ducks! The mother however is a different kettle of fish!!! The third shot is also an okay shot but the problem arose out of the common law of probabilities. Hundreds of cycles zooming around the water front, so I thought panning on the bike with the rivercat in the background, Heaven. I guess heaven is for others though cause by the time I found the right spot there wasn’t even one bike – for over ten minutes and I was due at the Photowalk rendezvous point for post perambulation chat and a feed, so what you see is what you get – Ain’t it always the case.


3 Responses to “Photowalk 50mm Lens Test results 2 of 4”

  1. ~Val said

    The water in the dock shot is fabulous. Those little touches of teal on the duck wings are very pretty….what kind of duck? It looks like a Mallard except for the wing color.

  2. That water shot is so wonderful. Love that boaat.

  3. I like the reflections in the duck image!

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