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Four Granite Blocks, Great Art

Posted by danudin on July 21, 2010

Wasn’t sure how to display this or how to photograph, it either really.

Absolutely no way I could capture these four granite blocks, using my 50mm lens, in any way that made sense or even worked, so I had to resort to sanpping what I thought of as the major elements of this art work.

I suggest enlarging the fourth photo first as it shows what appears to be a pebble thrown into a pool and the overflow running down the side. I could have started with that one but the order I have displayed them is how I encountered them and thought you would enjoy the trip I had. How someone concieved of taking rough granite and smoothing it to look like water, is beyond me, but I am so glad they did, the art concepts are enthralling – to me. The last two shots are of the same surface, where I had maybe moved a foot to the right, to get the light differently. The rippling wave design of the surface reflected the light pole directly opposite the block as well as the white car parked across the road pn two different outcomes with just a small move. Next time I go there I will take an 18mm lens and try and get the 4 together.


6 Responses to “Four Granite Blocks, Great Art”

  1. I was absolutely sure this was water – thought you were pulling our legs about it being granite. Very, very cool piece of art AND I think you photographed it really well. I’m not so sure we need to view the whole.

  2. ~Val said

    These are lovely! I think the first four, arranged 2 by 2, would make a lovely framed piece. The sculpture is beautiful and you’ve really done it justice.

    • danudin said

      I fell in love with them and spent nearly an hour there trying to figutr how to show them to everyone. The ffirst three are shots of one plinth, the fourth and fifth are separate plinths and the last two the final plinth, with just a foot of movement to show how the lught hit the smooth wavy face.

  3. They are beautiful. I like the way that you captured them. Y’all have some outstanding artwork in Australia.

  4. Ellen said

    What amazing work and you did so well in capturing the masterly carving/finishing.

  5. Tammy McChesney said

    I too thought this was water…what a unique and eye catching capture…love all of these!

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