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Posted by danudin on July 17, 2010

Fortitude Valley Brisbane is one of the more Colourful suburbs of Bisbane. Plenty of Nightlife, and Mystique is one of those night spots, you don’t need to know what they have to offer, that is part of the Mystique! I have been taking in Julies comments and when I saw this Club front hoarding, I thought it a good place to try out her ideas, so I set the focal distance to 8′ and 5 ‘ respectively. There was a third shot but I had not got the shutter speed right and even moving to ISO 400 the 1/3200 shot was slightly out of focus and a tad too dark. These shots @ 1/1250 turned out spiffing to my eye. I hope Julie sees the bleed of focus left to right as she suggested, because this was fun to get these shots as this was avery busy sidewalk just down from the railway station entrance and waiting for the pedestrians to pass was an exercise in itself.


10 Responses to “Mystique”

  1. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    I love the name, Mystique. The pictures are great, it lets you use your imagination as to what’s inside. Have a great day!


  2. I think you did a fine job and the reflective surface did make for a tricky subject. I think you have the focus point right; I like the way it fades into the distance.

  3. Tammy McChesney said

    Julie has been a good influence on you…you playing w/ her suggestions have really turned out some great images….I like both images for different reasons…of course the second image because to the clarity, but the first image w/ the slight blur adds to the “mystique” of the image…

    • Ron’s done this all on his own! He has made a real commitment to learning the ins and outs of a piece of equipment that would have scared most Photowalkers off by now. This in spite of the fact that a whole bunch of ‘experts’ tried to disuade him from tackling it. Not only is he mastering his lens, I’m sure he could teach all of us a thing or two about exposure and focusing because he’s learned to do it the old-fashioned, manual way. Kudos are definitely in order……

      • danudin said

        Julie was that Kudos for the Kumudgeon, I read this to Sally and she she said; “Tenacity be damned, once he gets his teeth into something, he turns into a PITBULL” I think I am more like a STAFFIE (Staffordshire Terrier) but I do appreciate a challenge slightly. Thank You for the Kudos, I’ll put them in freshwater so that they last!

      • ~Val said

        Do I sense a hint for a future “guest blogger” post on using a fixed focus lens? Might make an interesting topic (says another 50mm lens owner…)

        As an aside, I found your choice of phrase, Ron, “focus bleeding…” interesting because I think the font used on this window is a take-off on a font called Bleeding Cowboys.

  4. Well I am inspired to give my 50mm lens another go.Thanks

  5. I like how you’re venturing out and capturing some interesting images in this quest.

  6. Ellen said

    I am liking following your lens adventure. Kudos are good with tartar sauce.

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