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Final Redcliffe 50mm Test shots

Posted by danudin on July 16, 2010

Cleaning up before  publishing shots I took Wednesday.  First the unique look of Ghost Gum Bark. Second Low Tide in the  Newport Canal Estate. Several shots of a Super Sports car. Princess the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and finally some shots collaged to show different exposures in the canal estate.


6 Responses to “Final Redcliffe 50mm Test shots”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    More great shots…that ghost gum bark is interesting…cool colors and a neat subtle texture! A shout out to Princess as well! I am loving that film strip technique…I need to play w/ that!

  2. ~Val said

    The tree is cool…but the cars are WAY cool!!

  3. PatB said

    Enjoyed the variety of subjects in this post Ron, pretty creative as well. I’m intrigued with the ghost gum bark image, love the cool blues and the abstract feel to it really appeals to me. I can see why it’s referred to as ghostly; really neat!

  4. I agree very cool.

  5. Mary Lou said

    I like your presentation of this very nice array of images. Very colorful. I like the formation of the squares made by the Cockatoo’s cage.

  6. victry1 said

    Great shots, Ron! I’m loving all your pics with your new lens. Hope you’re enjoying it. I’ve been looking at your blog, but, unfortunately have not had much chance to post any replies but have been enjoying your blog very much. Love the red flowers posted after this one and the colors in your cityscape are super. The blues are outstanding.

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