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Mr Creativity Needs a new Logo!

Posted by danudin on July 7, 2010

Thanks to Tammy’s encouragement, I have decreed a necessity for a more creative Logo.

I need appraisal from my friends on it’s suitability and impact on photos!

Any advice will be appreciated, it is located bottom right corner!

Don’t Forget! It Is ALL Tammy’s fault!


9 Responses to “Mr Creativity Needs a new Logo!”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    Thanks for putting all of the blame on me….the Systers will be coming for my throat! 🙂

    I really like that – perfect for an Aussie!

  2. Judi Clark said

    THIS is a good one! You are proving to live up to your Mr. Creativity name.

  3. victry1 said

    I love your new logo!! That’s great and I would expect nothing less from you. 🙂

  4. Sheila said

    Love the new logo!

  5. Perfect for you, I like it. Its a keeper, LOL.

  6. Lorri said

    I noticed your new logo as soon as I looked at your blog! Nicely done–it’s fun, it’s wonderfully Australian and totally YOU!

  7. Ellen said

    Are you that fast?

  8. Weighing in late, but the logo works – very nice.

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