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Block Your Ears!

Posted by danudin on July 1, 2010

Rest assured that on the occasions that I pass this lady, I at least fill my ears with Bee’s Wax!

On one occasion though I did have my ears unblocked! But all was well,

Sally was driving and I was securely bound to the roofrack!

That is the kind of thing you do when you Sallyforth after Gold Coloured Wool

Obviously This MerLady is part of the WoW conglomorate

so could one of you “Ladies” please explain why she has the cornucopia?


7 Responses to “Block Your Ears!”

  1. ~Val said

    Hey, Ron. Was this HDR-processed? I ask because there appears to be some blue fringing around the left edge of the statue. I had this same issue with my attempt at HDR in the Smokies and wonder what causes it?

    Fun photo – fringing or not!

    • danudin said

      No Not HDR but in the bright sunlight the terra cotta was blown out and FLAT. so I processed and Processed until I got it looking like I remembered it. Not for everyone but I love the texture I have drawn out. The High Pass sharpening is maybe a tad too strong, ah well!
      – Fringing????

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    I am guessing the WOW conglomorate (as you put it)…keeps an extra shirt deep down in the cornucopia for emergencies such as this! LOL

  3. terri said

    I researched why mermaid and cornucopia and kept getting references to china and pottery, but that is all I can find. My final analysis is that: when WOW hath not a purse it uses the next best thing, the cornucopia for any necessities it might need on a long journey, such as to the land down under. I was thinking that was an aura around the mermaid possibly one sent from the WOW girls. Yea, that’s it, its all coming together now.

  4. Lorri said

    I think it’s a stylized shell, not a cornucopia. She’s quite a lady though.

  5. Ellen said

    I think it’s a shell too, that is one mermaid with an attitude, what an expression on her face!

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