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U3A University of the Third Age

Posted by danudin on June 27, 2010

Pictorial record of Creative Writing Course’s Booklaunch!

You have often heard me mention U3A, it is a wonderful organization

originally set up to help keep those of us with greying hair from

atrophying in the Grey Matter Department! Funding has meant that

government and regulation, are playing an increasing part changing

it’s roots somewhat!

Being totally Volunteer in nature it is wonderful when I can mention a

unique innovation that  took root and flourished.  This has occured

in the Creative Writing Group set up-lead by Jean Gillespie (above).

The Group’s works were so positive that they made the decision

to publish “Silver Threads” (left) a collection of original works by the Group Members.  The launch of this book was significant enough to draw one of Redcliffe’s really colourful characters, “The Culture Vulture” Richard Lancaster out to officiate at the Ceremony.  Richard (right) himself a journalist in his own right (amongst other dubious talents – Raconteur,Sales etc.) has no direct connection with the group other than admiration. He did however live up to his appearance by getting all the authors present to sign the copy of the book presented to him for his services.

Value Adding is something all Pirates understand – wonder where his Parrot is?


8 Responses to “U3A University of the Third Age”

  1. Judi Clark said

    Neat! Were the authors people who had always wanted to write but never gave it a try before/

    • danudin said

      I think so Judi, but isn’t that all of us??

      • Judi Clark said

        I’ve decided to just be a reader. Though, I think it would be fun to volunteer to get help others realize their dreams.

        Last winter I held a free computer class here at the park. Given that I’m now using a Mac and I was helping people on their PCs… and every PC is different, let’s say it was a challenge. (I’ll admit there were some classes in which I sighed in exasperation and said, “see that’s why I bought a Mac.” ) The most successful classes were the ones where I downloaded free photo editing software, installed it on their computers and taught some basics. I’m considering this winter I may just focus on taking photos and editing them.

        But you have me thinking about a while new idea now. Well, that’s something for the 2011-2012 season.

      • danudin said

        Judi U3A is an International Organizatio. I don’t know your area, but HERE is the website for U3A Redcliffe, to let you know what os going on here, to help feed your thoughts. Have a look! It is so rewarding and what a way to make lifelong friends. I have been teaching indonesian language here for 1.5 hours a week for about 12 years with a 3 year break. Wonderful innovation.

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    Now how cool is that? Not only do they get to tell their stories, they get them published! What a great organization and what creative minds!

  3. Mary Lou said

    Fun and so creative.

  4. Ellen said

    That is cool, I like the look of the writer/pirate.

  5. Doris P. said

    Creativity knows no bounds!! I’ll bet it’s a publication to be very proud of! Some of my favorite authors in fantasy started in writing groups just like this.

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