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The last of the Newport Boats

Posted by danudin on June 23, 2010

Notwithstanding that the boats look beautiful moored in the Newport waterways, they really were intended to be out on open waters, if I owned one and had a watertight casing for my camera, you would be inundated with on board shots. Reality is different though all I can do is snap away and apply my pseudo HDR effect to any likely shot.


7 Responses to “The last of the Newport Boats”

  1. Sheila said

    Ron I love the first two – I don’t think the HDR adds any beauty to the shot! Ed has not seen them yet but I’m sure he’d love to head out in the cat!

    • danudin said

      It is a different shot Judi, check the angles. I wouldn’t try to add to the second but I had moved about ten feet to line up the masts better and I like that subtle change. I just wanted it softer is all.

  2. Judi Clark said

    That was Sheila, not me! But since we’re friends, its ok. Now that you mention it, the shot with masts lined up is pretty cool. Not sure I like the colors… but we’ve talked about the whites being white before, so its a mater of taste. I do think the photo is neater for lining up the masts and I’ll remember that, if I ever get around sailboats again.

    And, it is really nice of you to have taken a photo of my catamaran for me! When can it be delivered?

  3. Chesney said

    I love the first two as well…another place I would love to see!

  4. Mike said

    I really like the initial shot! It has more depth with all the shadows. I also think cats are a better shot too! I know its been awhile but when did you change your theme?

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