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Local Fishermen Idle

Posted by danudin on June 16, 2010

The mizzle was slowly lifting so these locals were getting ready to get back to work, after the rain stoppage!


10 Responses to “Local Fishermen Idle”

  1. Ron, these are both really fine shots. Again, I think I’ll be coming south for lessons! While I usually like posts of just one image (gives me a chance to concentrate!), I really like the pair of these together. They complement each other nicely in color and geometry. The pelican is one of the nicest bird shots I’ve seen on the photowalk. I love the pose you captured, the red piling sets off his colors beautifully and adds punch to the mizzly day, and the curve of the shore is lovely. Great use of shallow depth of field too. I would suggest one small improvement and that is to crop this to an 8×10 taking out all the excess on the left side and a bit on the bottom. That would bring the bird closer for us to see and put his neck on the left vertical thirds line. Humor an ailing friend and give it a try?

  2. Ron, I’ve taken another look and I think you really should repost the pelican BIG like you did the german shepherds. That photo will look stunning in the larger format (and cropped like I suggested!)

  3. Judi Clark said

    Ron.. I think Julie says it all. These are stunning… and I look forward to the big Pelican. On the other photo, I really like the all the yellow.. and thus it compliments the yellow bird eyes.

  4. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    Great shots of the “fishermen”. I love the bright colors, it really makes the “fishermen” stand out. Have a great day!


  5. Tammy McChesney said

    These are outstanding against that shallow DOF…it really brings out the clarity and colors in the birds!

  6. Sheila said

    I agree with Tammy the colors are wonderful especially in the beak of the pelican on the right. The red perch is great too! I also like the one on the left as the yellow just draws out all the contrasts!

  7. Mary Lou said

    The image on the right is fabulous!! Depth, clarity, sharpness and a beautiful stripped bill combine to make this awesome and very deserving of a frame.

  8. Come late to the party and it’s all be covered – the shallow DOF comments, the kudos for the color and geometry – all right on target. Nice images – I really like the bold punch of colors against the greys.

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