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On The Pier

Posted by danudin on June 11, 2010

Having snapped legs and seagull chasers, I proceeded onto the pier and was fascinated by the play of sunlight around the Whale Watching Ship “Eye Spy” and directly adjacent to it found these kids fishing, I asked the one with the cast net if I could snap him, he said yes but the throw was only half hearted but still provided an interesting shot.


4 Responses to “On The Pier”

  1. Nice nautical images – are you sure it’s winter?

    • danudin said

      Yep, half way through the first month, pretty soon we will have to start wearing sweaters at night, gee it’s tough for us, Ha Ha Ha!

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    Those colors are so beautiful…a slice of paradise out on those boats!

    I saw that the Aussie’s found that 16 yr old sailor that was lost, thank goodness she was ok…sounds like they will be reaching her sometime yet today.

  3. Gorgeous images. I love the sun on the horizon in the first image.

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