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White Balance Revisited

Posted by danudin on June 6, 2010

Went out to test my Momopod today (Bloody Flop) but I encountered this wonderful glistening Vista and tried to capture that light.

Here are the same shot 1st SOC and second shot white balance adjusted in ACR. The difference is obvious but to my eye The sky is closer to true in SOC the sand is better in WBA, but I feel the light on the water stands out so much in the SOC shot. What do You Think – Anyone.


12 Responses to “White Balance Revisited”

  1. Ron, the original shot is a winner! I love the subject and your composition. You’re right, that light is gorgeous. What time of day did you take this?

    As for white balance, to my eye the adjusted image is extremely unnatural. But then I’ve never been to your part of the world, so wouldn’t know if the sand there is orange. The original might lean a little towards the pink side of the tint scale (I see a tiny bit of pink in the surface of the water and the clouds) but I’m not sure I would have bothered with that.

    • danudin said

      About 12.50pm Julie, a beautiful day, my reasoning for trying the WB adjustment was previous suggestions about the blue skies I seem to get, I also like the SOC shot but in doing the adjustment, that the sand was lots closer to the real colour I saw. As my real aim was to capture the glistening on the water that was pleasing but wondered if I had allowed that extra light to make the sand seem too darl, Thanks for the composition approval, as I walked a mile lookig at that glistening before I shot tho get that part beached yacht and the glass house mountains in the shot, thinking thinking thinking.

  2. Judi Clark said

    When you do the white balance, you often have to keep touching different white spots until you get the right colors in the overall picture. The assumption is that the area that you thought was pure white or pure black, isn’t and this is to correct that. But sometimes the area you touch with the color picker wasn’t really supposed to be true white or true black.

    Where did you touch to make the sand come out orange? I just downloaded your photo and used the white in the wave and it came out great… approximately same colors but the sand has a bit of a glow. Not at all orange.

    I touched the mountains in the distance (assuming I thought they should be black) and it distorted all the colors. Then I touched the very small black “hils” at the edge of the water and that gave me the closest result to your photo. I think it is always better to touch a white area than a black area if you have a white area to touch.

    So, I’m curious… what did you touch for the white balance in the second photo?

    • danudin said

      Sorry to confuse Judi Firstly there are NO WAVES at all kittle ripples at best the white you see there is reflected sunlight. when I touch something that doesn’t do what I want I always do a control z to negate what I just did as I don’t want multiple changes. I started with the white of the beached yacht Ctrl z, then the Glasshouse Mountains, several time and in the end the little dark rock on the shore. I had decided early that I wasn’t going to get a change I liked BUT the sand colour in the WBA shot is the colour of the sand as I saw it this is why I posted.

  3. robin said

    Ron i like the SOC shot better. you could always take the two pictures and take the best of both and make one great image. a little work but may be worth it. looks like to much work after looking at it again. i would stick with the first one.


  4. robin said

    btw–what was wrong with the monopod?


    • danudin said

      I never knew how to use ut properly sp asked advice on Elements Village Forum HERE went out to try the technique, but the fitting to the camera was too tight and effected the memory card. Such is War, the full story along with the help I got from Lee, Joe Esther et al, is at the link I just gave.

  5. Tammy McChesney said

    Can’t add much here, except to say my favorite is the original…the colors just look so much more natural!

  6. The image itself is the winner here, great capture Ron!!

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