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My Sister Moved!

Posted by danudin on June 1, 2010

My younger sister has just moved into a new rental property and considering some of her previous abodes, I was skeptical at her enthusiasm, so close to her birthday, we went up to have a look and strangely she had understated it! You will need to bear with me though, as I hope to set the scene properly over the next few days.

The nearest township is Cooroy, a lovely little Hamlet about half an hours drive from the Noosa area that Sally and I both love as a holiday spot. It is hard to depict a town in a few shots but here goes! The 1st photo shows a large tree growing in the middle of a traffic roundabout, on the main street of the town, and I thought it lovely. The 2nd shot was taken from almost the same spot, and shows the road outta town, and just how close the bush is. The 3rd shot is a very tall tree very close to the Cooroy Train Station, which drew my attention as about 50 Coorellas (similar to cockatoos – only smaller and noisier) took roost there smack in the middle of town, just after midday. The 4th shot is something I always look for in small towns – something Quirky! I am almost tempted to not tell you that this store sells no explosive devices at all, it is an “El Cheapo” variety store alas. So I will say no more on it, as I want to believe, that at least in Cooroy, if you want to buy Gelignite, you can get it 7 days a week.


8 Responses to “My Sister Moved!”

  1. Judi Clark said

    Oh we are off to a good start with this story, I think! Love the oversized tree in the middle of the traffic circle… and your odd birds in a tree mid day. I’m a bit concerned with this store, though.. I looked up Gelignite and it is an explosive used to break up hard rock… and also used by terrorists! O.K. that’s a quirky store that doubles as a travel agency. I can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Mary Lou said

    It’s so interesting to see so many birds in one Tree!! We’re off on a tour of a new town!!

  3. Tammy McChesney said

    Oh cool, I get to go on another vacation! I can hardly wait until we reach the destination! The drive through this town was very cool…that tree in the middle of the road sets the whole stage for this little town, but how I love that store (although I am glad I live no where near it)!

  4. It’s fun to go along as you explore a new town. I really like how you gave us the perspective of approaching the town and then leaving it. I’ll be interested in seeing more from this trip.

  5. ~Val said

    I like it when people build around trees instead of tearing them down. My neighbor built his deck around a beautiful maple tree.

    All those birds of a feather, flocking together in a single tree brings to mind that Alfred Hitchcock movie. A bit spooky!

  6. Ellen said

    Oh boy – road trip! Fun shots,is there mining around?

  7. Doris P. said

    Love this travelogue through town and the sights along the way. The Coorellas are incredible!!

  8. I love the way that your pictures tell a story.

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