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Moon Shots prompted by Grant Dixon’s Old Shot.

Posted by danudin on May 28, 2010

Having seen Grant Dixon’s wonderful Moon Shot from many Moons Ago HERE, I was blown away by his statement that it was uncropped Top to Bottom.

So Last night I stepped out to find the sky clear and snapped the second shot using similar settings:

Shutter Speed 1/250 sec, F/stop F/10, ISO 200 and focal length 300mm.

I rushed inside to get my 2x teleconverter, had to feed the cat and by the time I got back outside, there was a light cloud covering and I was able to get the first Photo here (Teleconverter attached, The cloud prevented normal shutter speed so this one had a 1.30 sec exposure with a F/stop of F/5.6 ISO 200 and although the exif states 300mm focal length the teleconverter would represent 600mm.

The last shot was my final experiment for the night and is in fact a compilation of two shots where I transposed a nearly successful exposure a 1/250 sec during a gap in the clouds, onto a  1.0 sec exposure at F/4.0 at a focal length of 164 Teleconverter attached. I loved the magic that the clouds provided.


10 Responses to “Moon Shots prompted by Grant Dixon’s Old Shot.”

  1. These are beautiful, Ron. My favorite is the second shot with the black background. The colors in the last photo are beautiful, also.

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    For a guy who claims not to understand art, you sure got some awesome artistic shots! The first and the last image are so fantasy like compared to the second image which displays wonderful clarity and realism! You excelled in both realms! Nice!

    • danudin said

      Lucky you can’t see the blank frames where I tried the 1/250 sec shots with heavy cloud cover, LOL

      • Tammy McChesney said

        You should never admit to those shots LOL Just pretend you only took the good shots (I do that often) 🙂

  3. Grant said


    You nailed the exposer on the one against the dark background. The one with the clouds is really stunning as i have always liked the interplay with the moon and clouds. The composite is a really good idea I have seen many done before but never one were a clear image of the moon is put over a blurred image and I think the idea has lots of merit … well done.

    • danudin said

      Thanks for the compliment Grant, the composition was de to the original Moon being too blown out from the long exposure, There was cloud cover on the moon I used but not much.

  4. Ron, still howling at the moon are you? I really like the effect the moving clouds make in the last shot but wonder why the moon ended up with a halo. Was that intentional?

  5. I am glad to see you out and about at full moon time. I thought my blue globe would have put a scare into you. What I don’t see in any of the photos is a broom with one of us riding it.

    I did get some moon shots last month, but on full-moon night it was clouded over. Last night was stormy, too. If tonight is clear, I’ll try some post-full moon shots. I haven’t tried the quarter moon yet. I remember you telling me the craters show up better then.

    I’ve been playing with a trial of CS5, so have been absent from the blogisphere for a few days.

  6. Ellen said

    Wonderful detail in the cloudless one and your composing looks great!

  7. Mary Lou said

    Wonderful shots of the moon. Your timing was perfect.

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