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Sorry Smelly thing + Question

Posted by danudin on May 20, 2010

Took this photo two days ago, now bear two things in mind, Winter in Australia is due to start in just over ten days,  secondly my whole knowledge of Horticulture was learned from Dorothy Parker who said ” you can lead a horticulture but you can’t make her think”. but it strikes me as odd that a Rose would bud just as Autumn (Fall) is drawing to a close. Question 1. is that normal?? Question 2. what would improve the composition or presentation of this youngster.



13 Responses to “Sorry Smelly thing + Question”

  1. Oh, if only I’d had the foresight to copy down all the statements you’ve made in which you dismissed or derided flower images, I’d insert them all here for your review! This will go down as my biggest regret of the year….

  2. Sheila said

    Is this showing another side of you? Very nice image and to answer question one – there are some roses that do better in the fall with cooler temperatures. Question two – I like the way you caught it with bright red stems and not open yet.

  3. Wait a minute. How could winter start in 10 days? Aren’t the solstices just reversed in the southern hemisphere? I’m so confused….

    • danudin said

      The official winter is generally depicted as June, July and August, so if that doesn’t Gel with the solstice, there is nothing for it but to sue me Ha.
      Speaking of which I heard a little rhyme to remember the dates of Easter, along the lines of “30 dats has September etc.” it goes:

      The Dates on which Easter doth Fall;
      Are easy to remember,
      If you just recall:
      That it falls on the first Sunday following the Autumnal Equinnox! (Spring to you)

      Bet that come is handy!


    OK..one thing…I would crop it severely..in tight… 🙂

    OK..one more thing (hey I am Irish..gift of the gab etc)
    You are brave…you will probably get more razzin’ on this single pic that anything else in the history of photowalk LOL

    Should we send you an official invitation to the flower photographers club??

    OK..I’ll go now
    **skips off into the sunset singing “Ron took a picture of a flowerrrrr”**

  5. Tammy McChesney said

    All I can do is smile at this one…you deserve every comment you get LOL

    My roses last year didn’t die until the snow fell…I have pictures of gorgeous blooms covered in snow! If I took that picture, I would probably take a close up of the bloom, I like Sue’s suggestion of cropping this in closely…

  6. Andrea said

    I think it’s a lovely photo. If you have the opportunity to, I’d walk around and look at it from another angle – see if there’s a dark background you can blur. I think the white distracts from the subject, (cropping it in close would help this particular shot). I really like that red leaf at the bottom, too.

  7. Ellen said

    You used my all time favorite quote (as a pro gardener I refer to myself as a plant slut)! I’d try and get rid of the white too, it looks blown out to me and is distracting. Some roses bloom here up to and past Christmas with no harm to the shrub.

  8. I’d crop in from the right and down a bit from the top – cut out the dry leaf in the lower right and bring in the top to keep a 6×4 format. The bright sun on the bud is rather harsh – I would have tried to shade it to tone down the sunlight or perhaps some selective processing. Or if you really want to throw yourself to the wolves, drop out the background color to Black and White and just retain selective coloring on the rosebud and stem.

  9. How many witches can dance on the tip of a rose?!? It sounds like we’re all ganging up on you here…But I’m going to bookmark this page and come back to it whenever you say something about blooming flowers!

    I must have hundreds of rose photos that aren’t quite right, but I can’t bear to part with them. I think that someday I will have another go at making them print-worthy.

    Somehow I don’t think that you went back to look at this one from a different angle….

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