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Kids Petting Park @ Alma Park Zoo

Posted by danudin on May 10, 2010

This is a fairly good look at what the petting area looks like and the animals there must be as placid as all get out, because those Skippy look-a-likes sure have the tools to inflict damage if they so choose, the peacock and scrub turkeys apparently got in to get a share of the food provided for the Roos which the kids are dispersing onto the ground so liberally.


4 Responses to “Kids Petting Park @ Alma Park Zoo”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    I don’t know who is more wild, the kangaroos or the kids (or the guy behind the camera)…

  2. Why is it that I can’t help but wonder if you kept fiddling with the composition until the curvaceous woman was positioned just so you couldn’t crop her out without also chopping that cute little Roo in half, thus providing the perfect excuse for needing to leave her in the shot! It does show how nicely the little ones are all getting along so well together. Very cute shot.

  3. Ellen said

    So fun, the only petting zoos I’ve seen have boring old lambs and such…

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