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Strike while the iron is hot.

Posted by danudin on May 5, 2010

Perhaps you have to look closely but there is a rainbow here. It was vivid when I first saw it but inspite of pulling up quickly and jumping out of the car, camera in hand, by the time I clicked it had almost gone, and no time for a second shot even.


12 Responses to “Strike while the iron is hot.”

  1. ~Val said

    I love the light that usually accompanies a rainbow, as in this image. The tree looks like its lit by that rainbow. I wonder if playing around with Levels would bring out those pretty colors even more?

  2. I SEE IT!!! It’s beautiful!!!

  3. Tammy McChesney said

    Now where is the pot of gold?? Heck with the camera, go for the gold! 🙂

    Gorgeous capture Ron (and quite an accomplishment for a delicate man like you)!

  4. boomer3297 said

    Nice catch Ron, don’t know if it holds true all the time but when I take pictures of rainbows if I underexpose slightly it brings out the color more. BTW, did you find the pot of gold at the end?

  5. What a perfect setting for a rainbow. I like how it look like it is coming out the the tree.

  6. Nice capture Ron. Methane gas is worth something.

  7. Extra credit for having your camera at hand and ready to shoot. I would have been fumbling to get mine out of the case (if I even had it wth me). Lots of good composition here with the tree to the side, the gentle curving arc of the rainbow, the nice level horizon – all things that were being ticked off your mental checklist as you grabbed this shot I’m sure.

  8. Mary Lou said

    The scenery is perfect for this gorgeous rainbow. Nice quick action to capture this!!

  9. PatB said

    Great balance in this scene for a quick shot – love the fence running diagonally between the trees, not to mention the pretty rainbow.

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