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Deception Bay Storm

Posted by danudin on May 2, 2010

Walking alomg the Scarborough waterfront, on the day I got the Butterfly and Blue Heron shots, there was a storm which developed over Bribie Island that showed signs of heading my way. There was Lightning and thunder over the bay so I took these shots trying to capture it, but when I got to look in the computer, I felt the glistening water was a much better take anyway. A guy I was talking to offered me a ride home, due to the storm, but I have been walking this area since recovering from my ny-pass surgery 12 years ago, so I thought I could cover the 4-5 miles home before it hit, but was able to snap a few nice shots in this small adventure.


8 Responses to “Deception Bay Storm”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    That water is so sparkly and dazzling! I also love the intense blues in all of these, gorgeous shots Ron! I have to give you some credit I guess, I would have taken the ride home LOL

  2. Wonderful shots of the glistening water Ron. That looks it could have dumped alot of water, you are a trooper for not taking the ride.

  3. Lorri said

    Beautiful skies and that glistening water is stunning! Like a million precious gems.

  4. Beautiful views Ron…yoou live in a beautiful spot.

  5. boomer3297 said

    I know one thing, never accept the ride home from someone in New Jersey. Things must be different over there.

  6. OMG! The deep blue sky and the sparkly water are wonderful.

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