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Last of Brisbane (for a while)

Posted by danudin on April 22, 2010

These four shots are a bit of a statement about Cities in general. and how we look at them. The people who are forced to work in these Glass edifi or is that edifices, don’t see them and infact walk around outside without even looking where they are going if the number who bumped into me were anything to go by. However, seen from the right position and at the right angle, they have their own beauty. The fourth shot show a church building’s outlook on the real world, which to my mind made it seem to cower amongst so many monstrous neighbours.


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Exiting BBG near QUT

Posted by danudin on April 21, 2010

Having walked through the Brisbane botanic gardens I was entranced to find this wonderful Bike rig waiting for me at the other end. It came complete with security system in the form of a very Duty conscious Staffordshire Terrier cross, who had been provided with Shade Food and Water while he varried out his guard duties. The bike rig itself really impressed as well. And again I employed the 180 degree rule and discovered this staircase  that aworkman informed me would not be there by the end of the month. He also advised me not to use the stairs, notice the two braces bottom right. I will complete this series tomorrow with a number of shots of Brisbane Office Blocks and street scenes, it may be too many but I have an exciting series planned for the three days following tomorrow. Bloody  WordPress!

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CBD Entry to Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

Posted by danudin on April 20, 2010

Entering the BBG from the CBD, afforded me this shot of the tree lined road sjirting the BG’s Northern boundary. That strikes me as a most pleasant street for a city. Spied this guy painting a building opposite,suspended on a rope, so I am guessing that his motto is “If you are not living on the edge, -You are taking up too much room!. Then did the old 180% turn around and spotted these adorning the entryway to a large MHotel. Nice spot for photographs.

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Seating Poker Game

Posted by danudin on April 19, 2010

With all these people taking a seat in my Poker game and the strength of some of their hands, I thought I would show a previously unseen hand that, shows how strong I am.

This is a few weeks old and most likely is over processed but it was a brilliantly bright day and i wanted to show the Rock Textures along with the shadows.

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Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Posted by danudin on April 19, 2010

Located only minutes from the Brisbane CBD, there are many places where office workers can and do go to have their lunch or break time, as well as several running tracks for them to maintain their fitness. But what fascinated me was the depth of darkness under an area that must have been set up as a mini rain forest. I think the shot from out on the lawn shows just how dark it was. In under that gloom were theses Moreton Bay Fig Trees and the shot showing it’s rooy system required a flash to get any details. and it was my second shot as the flash residue was centre of the tree, here is just a residue to the left. I considered cloning it out but thought No I have got rid of most of it by changing position.

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Botanic garden – seating

Posted by danudin on April 18, 2010

Being a Poker Player, I will see Julie’s Wooden Garden Chairs, and Sheila’s four Blue Adirondack Chairs, and put in a Bronze Platypus Love Seat, that I saw in the Brisbane Botanic gardens, top that if you can people! Notice still no bloody flowers.

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Botanic Gardens Brisbane

Posted by danudin on April 17, 2010

Yep not a flower, but thought that you might enjoy seeing somethings that are out of the ordinary over there.

This is a Bunya Pine. which I think is only indigenous to Australia and generally only in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. I have included a close up of the branch ending (?Fronds?) so you can see the difference from the norm. They also bear Bunya Nuts which are a staple Aborigine Bush Tucker in this area.

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Brisbane river Walk

Posted by danudin on April 16, 2010

I had occasion to  go into Brisbane CBD the other day so I thought that I would start the series with a view of Brisbane River.

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Approaching Storm – Plain and HDR (Effect)

Posted by danudin on April 15, 2010

Boomer Mike’s tutorial on HDR is so important for giving others the desire for trying this interesting aspect of Photography, but I realized that was the first time I had seen any of his shots prior to the HDR being processed. I understand this as he uses multiple exposure to obtain his masterpieces. So the other day as a squall approached Redcliffe I rushed down to the Jetty to grab these (Single Exposure) shots, I then came back to the computer, created a duplicate of each shot, then commenced processing. I carried out my standard processing on the two originals, until I had the look I wanted, then subjected, the two copies to the Jeff Perry HDR Effect process I have talked about and enjoyed so often in the past. I had hoped that seeing the Plain or garden variety, side by side with the JP HDR Effect shots would ellicit some response and that those that do comment come back often to see just how vibrant a discussion we can get going, no holds barred!

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This is for Val (All others avert your eyes)

Posted by danudin on April 15, 2010

When you visit London young miss, this is the sort of photography we expect, must be a ton of it over there!

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