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A Terrific Tale (Tail) of Terror

Posted by danudin on April 29, 2010

Something about me must be quite appealing to dogs, no Tammy not the aroma, but I seem to meet dogs with the most interesting of characterrs, like TERROR. Yesterday I explained how I took my camera to my lesson, knowing that there would be sky divers landing nearby. And no, that is not the Terror (although it would be for me). Well prior to the first jump, I got talking to a bloke, who’s dog TERROR (a large Mastiff, Great Dane, Ridgeback +?+? cross) was always checking out the skydivers in the sky from where they live, so he thought he would bring the dog down to check it’s reactions – Up Close!

I sat behind Terror as three Tandem Skydivers landed and snapped his view, which was rivetted on the parachutes. Talk about alert, the first two series shots show Terror’s reaction when they came into the prevailing wind, but check out the third series to see his reaction when the last one came in from a different direction! After the last landed he went out and checked the sky to see if there were any more, god knows where he thought they came from. Now this is one of the most placid dogs I have ever come across. Who willingly accepted patting from the hundreds of people who passed, with equanimity, as if it was his right to be the centre of attention.

Now I was watching Terrors eyes as I do with all unfamiliar animals and there was never a threat there, but he could take it or leave it, there was so much else going on, until two sisters came up for a pat, the Big one might have benn 4 years old and as brave as Hercules, the smaller one wasn’t as big or as brave. She would only touch the hind leg, (Those Teeth Looked Enormous) Terror’s Eyes went all buttery when the girls were patting him, and so dismayed when the youngest one ran off, she tried though, coming back to his tail at least three times.

But after all that excitement, a dog just has to sit down and rest, but WHERE do you sit?

Where Ever He BLOODY likes!

Note: I can’t figure out wordpress spacing at all, as I tried to put four thumbnail shots in a line across the page, although two 300 wide shots fit, four 150 wide won’t so  i had to make them bigger, not as effective bit the message is there!


8 Responses to “A Terrific Tale (Tail) of Terror”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    I love that story board, the expressions on that pooch’s face is priceless….why sit on the ground when you have got a human (that’s my dogs motto anyways!)

    I have never figured out the spacing on wordpress either…I have figured out that if you go back and edit the picture after you load it you can make it smaller by a percentage and sometimes I can get that to work…just hit edit on your post and click on your pick and two symbols come up – hit the one without the red x on it…

  2. A fun series with great narrative and I don’t mind the 2-across format, it’s working for me. Ditto what Tammy said too. I often tweak the settings on my shots. You could probably adjust the upload size manually in PSE too, or make a panoramic collage of the shots in PSE and just upload it to WP as a single image.

  3. Great set of images regardless of how many are where.

  4. If you want directions on putting 4 thumbnails across, email me.

  5. ~Val said

    Wonderful story. I love the shots from the dog’s point of view…very creative. Framing them in flim strips was another great choice. Final photo had me chuckling.

    All in all, one of my favorite of your series shots!

  6. victry1 said

    Great tale, Ron!! Nice job of narrating and illustration. The last shot tops it off!

  7. FUN! Our friends have a French Mastiff..and he thinks he is a lap dog too…and loves attention. he is GINORMOUS!!
    I love these scenes..you captured the dogs interest so well.

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