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Outdoor classroom

Posted by danudin on April 28, 2010

Circumstances have brought about the strange situation where we have two consecutive Mondays as Public Holidays, so rather than make my students at U3A wait three weeks before enjoying my company and pleasant nature, I decided that it would be a good thing if we held an impromptu class down by the sea shore at Sutton’s Beach. As you can see I took my camera along, just to show you where we held the class. Pretty dreadful conditions to subject my students to Eh?

Of ccourse I had to run off on occasions to capture some of the action that was being carried out on the beach. (Sometimes in Mid-Sentence)


15 Responses to “Outdoor classroom”

  1. Judi Clark said

    Very nice classroom. Not sure if I could pay any better attention than the teacher did with people landing on the beach.

    Ron, your pictures seem so much clearer and easier to see the detail in them. What are you doing differently?

  2. ~Val said

    Wow – my students would love to have class out there. A little wi-fi, some laptops, and we’d be in business!

    Great clarity and bright colors in these images.

  3. What! you are having fun instead of classroom subjects? Incidentally, what is the classroom stuff all about. Have I missed something somewhere???

    • danudin said

      Sorry Esther I teach Indonesian Language at U3A (University of the Third Age) Redcliffe an organization put together to impart knowledge but primarily, to make sure seniors keep their Grey Matter ticking over so that they can stay young, My longest serving student is only 86 years young but she was there on a Public Holiday. The whole point of my lessons are always FFUUNN!!

  4. Doris P. said

    Oh those poor, suffering students! 🙂 What a gorgeous setting! I’m sure your lecture was riveting. What do you teach, Ron? This sounds so interesting.

  5. Tammy McChesney said

    Another outstanding series of pictures…your photography is definitely growing this year!

    I don’t know how your students learned anything that day…I would be staring off and daydreaming (even w/ a teacher like you)! 🙂 Maybe I should sign up for your class! Do you give scholarships to sit on the beach? 🙂

    • danudin said

      No but I recommend you buy the Echols and Shadilly Kamus Bahasa Indonesia (Dictionary) and they are a bit expensive. I teach 11.39am – 1.00pm most Mondays see you there. LOL

      • Tammy McChesney said

        If I buy the ticket you have to supply me with a place to stay…(evil LOL, my boys are included)! 🙂

  6. Great stuff Ron, can I sign up??

  7. Those two action shots at the end are particularly nice Ron – a perfect capture of the pending landing – well cropped and really sharp. (of course full of bright bold color as you like too!)

  8. Mary Lou said

    These are wonderful Ron!! Colorful, great clarity. Nice clean shots. Your photography is looking really good.

  9. Ellen said

    These are extra crisp and so enviable a place to learn. Nice!

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