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Scarborough – For the Birds.

Posted by danudin on April 27, 2010

Although two of these shots show caged birds, they were all taken within a kilometre of each other. The first shot shows Princess who I first met around 14 years ago while walking to the old U3A campus to teach. Her ringing Hellos greet you the minute she spies you coming and she rushes to the corner of the cage to get her chest scratched and sometimes even her neck behind her Sulphur Crested pllume. Sweet as pie but watch her mate seen in the background as her loves to bite and that beak can be vicious. Princess has only one failing in that as you start to leave she leys fly with even more frantic Hellos, but I guess she just wants the company. The Blue Heron was sitting near a eaterway behind a retirement complex not far away and he never seemed to even notice me as I crept closer to get this shot!


6 Responses to “Scarborough – For the Birds.”

  1. Ellen said

    Even with a mate the cockatoo seems lonely, it wouldn’t be fun to be caged with some grump I guess. I love the heron shot, looks so wild then there is the chain link fence. In post would you lighten around the eye?

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    I think you need to let those poor birds out of those cages…that is why they are frantically begging you not to leave…you are their escape! 🙂 Great shot of the heron, kinda a weird place to be hanging out!

    • danudin said

      I have seen them out of the cage, and the guy that owns that house is one of their favourites, but they drop him like a hot potato when Mum comes out the door, enen the male cockatoo behaves himself around her and it is all LOVE!

  3. Doris P. said

    Beautiful cockatoos! I have a friend that has one and they can be quite a joy. I like the heron best, though. That one-legged stance in half silhouette is a great capture.

  4. Cute birds! I miss my cockatoo…Floyd the Boyde was hysterical 🙂

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