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Butterflies Tammy – Butterflies

Posted by danudin on April 26, 2010

Tammy will tell you how difficult I find Butterflies to snap, they just won’t sit still, these first two were fluttering around the same bush so I assume they are male and female, so don’t ask I No Nothing (Sgt Schultz) about them, all I know is that the first one never landed and was continually flapping it’s wings which you can see at the tips, but it is far and away my best Butterfly shot to date. The owner of the house where the bush was came out to check on what I was doing and scared them away, but she liked the shots on the LCD screen.

Technically I don’t know if this is a moth or a butterfly, but as I was hurrying through the bush to keep ahead of an approachng storm, this thing fluttered past my head in the wind and I thought it was a leaf until it landed then folded up its wings. The slightly out of focus shot was included as it shows it to be an insect better, the more in focus shot shows just how effective the disguise is.


8 Responses to “Butterflies Tammy – Butterflies”

  1. victry1 said

    Beautiful shots, Ron! That first one is especially awesome! Butterflies are AMAZINGLY hard to photograph! You’re right-they don’t stay still for a minute. Great job.

  2. Ellen said

    What beauties! Most live such a short time in that stage that I guess they just haven’t time for portraits. Nice that you got to show the homeowner what you were doing.

  3. Tammy McChesney said

    For someone who claims they can never shoot a butterfly, you sure did an outstanding job. Those are true beauties…but what is up with the flowers?? “I no nothing”

    Too funny you included a quote from Hogan Hero’s…I just got through watching it…we have the whole series on dvd LOL

  4. tterlyn said

    Hi Ron,
    Congratulations! You have done a great job capturing the butterflies.

  5. Judi Clark said

    First one is the best… if you were doing the themes, I’d say you shot an “action or active” here. I like them all, really.

    We were supposed to have Monarch Butterflies a couple weeks ago… last year we had millions fly through here all in a matter of a day or two. We couldn’t drive unless we were willing to clean up the car right away. I didn’t take any photos last year, so I’ve been waiting and waiting. And just read in the local paper that there is a shortage to Monarchs… too much wind this year.

    So thank you for sharing yours!

  6. I know what you mean about the butterflies not sitting still long enough to get a shot. I was at my DD’s where she had about 5 tiger swallowtails around her butterfly bush! I did manage to get 3 in one shot. I love those things….

  7. Doris P. said

    Beautiful butterfly shots, Ron! I really love the first one. So much color and animation shows in the shot. Moths generally have feathered antennae and that is one way to help distinguish them from butterflies. That last one really looks like a dead leaf!!! Gotta love nature’s ways.

  8. I’m with Tammy…you did a great job …they are lovely!!

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