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Steam Comeback second series

Posted by danudin on April 24, 2010

One of the difficulties faced by steam locomotives such as 1089, is that coming in from the West, ahead of the passenger carriages, they need to be repositioned to the other end of those carriages for the return trip. This activity achieved two things for me, firstly it explained why there was a spur line seemingly heading off into the Golf Club adjacent to the train station, that had rusty tracks, maybe they will get the chance to shine again. Secondly, and more importantly it gave me another opportunity for some nice shots as the shunting occured.

The train then backed onto the maain line again to await for the regular electric service to come in and then depart again (remember Shornecliffe is the End of th Line) shot three shows the sort of numbers who had turned out to see the event.  While the electric train was at the station it was obvious that most were there to either see or catch the steam experience, however not everyone could maintain the enthusiasm. Here is a shot of Pygmy the Stafforshire Terrier, having a little impromtu game of tug of war with his owner, she was a wonderful dog, just with a short attention span while the electric train was at the platform.

I wish I had the time yo take the trip on this train but I had only just heard of it’s run the day before and had other things to do, – Next Time! However I did take the opportunity to jump onboard the carriages to remind myself what 1958 carriages looked like inside, and the seatinh and layout mus haave been somewhat universal as that is what I saw in Sydney around that time, a full state and 1,000 kilometres away.


9 Responses to “Steam Comeback second series”

  1. Judi Clark said

    Another excellent set of photos documenting this event! The steam! The steam! It really is steam. I like all of these photos… but if I’m to pick (and not sure why I feel I must do this) — my favorite is #3… the anticipation of the train coming in. As a photo, it has nice lines. Also, like the dog and his owner. Nice touch for documenting this story. Maybe soon you can take a ride.

    I don’t know anything about the economics of steam vs electric. Are they bringing back the steam because it is more economical?

    P.S. I liked the first three pics also, but when I went to comment I made a mistake and lost my comments.

    • danudin said

      If you hover over the photos you will see the shots a called History by me. Because I believe it may cost more but the retention of the technology and the nostalgia is paramount, I Think!

  2. I like the top two in particular, for the colors, the capture of the steam and the angle and compositions of the shots. The first one really needs to be enlarged to appreciate it to the fullest.

  3. Great photos, Ron, and I love this story. I love steam engines, and for them to make a comeback would be so great. My favorite is the first photo that shows a full shot of steam.

  4. Bobbie said

    I favor #2: it makes me feel as if I’d gone back 100 years in time. Might be fun to do some “antiquing” on this one.

  5. Doris P. said

    Just great captures that give the size and feel of the days these trains represent! Nice, too, to see that folks are enjoying these old trains!

  6. Great images Ron. I favor the first image as it looks like it could have been taken in its hayday. A B&W version would really do the trick!! LOL

  7. Ellen said

    I’ve really admired all of these shots. Hope this train keeps on going.

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