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Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Posted by danudin on April 19, 2010

Located only minutes from the Brisbane CBD, there are many places where office workers can and do go to have their lunch or break time, as well as several running tracks for them to maintain their fitness. But what fascinated me was the depth of darkness under an area that must have been set up as a mini rain forest. I think the shot from out on the lawn shows just how dark it was. In under that gloom were theses Moreton Bay Fig Trees and the shot showing it’s rooy system required a flash to get any details. and it was my second shot as the flash residue was centre of the tree, here is just a residue to the left. I considered cloning it out but thought No I have got rid of most of it by changing position.


14 Responses to “Brisbane Botanic Gardens”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    I love the thick branches of the trees and the big roots…it almost looks like it should be a star in one of the Lord of the Rings movies…it looks alive! 🙂

  2. Mary Lou said

    Lovely Gardens. The trees have very interesting shapes.

  3. Nice series Ron – that upper left shot makes you really wonder what is out there – kind of like the cornfield in Field of Dreams… what’s on the other side?

  4. ~Val said

    This definitely looks like a place I’d love to explore. I wonder what you’d like like, though, after tromping around in the forest in your work clothes?

  5. That tree is just incredible! Any idea how old it is?

  6. These shots remind me of the botanical garden in Honolulu. They suggest you not leave the paths…which was okay with me because some of that fruit hanging down looked like it would be hard on the head when it fell. The shadows seem to lure you in to explore….

    • danudin said

      Brisbane is much more layback than stuffy old Honolulu, there were picnicers and lunch time diners and the occasional courting couple spread all over the grassed areas, I walked on the grass in front of the park attendants and no-one batted an eye. So don’t got to hawaii, turn west sou west and come on down to Brisbane, Beautiful one day and perfect the next. LOL oh yeah no active volcanoes either.

  7. Judi Clark said

    Where’s the flowers? Only kidding… I like the branches on the tree in the middle photo… nice, curvy wave. Looks ancient. And that root system!

  8. morrdraken said

    I have to show William that tree when he gets home from school – he’d love to climb there! 😀 I especially like the picture in the middle – looks like it could be the woods of Narnia.

  9. Ellen said

    That fig is so impressive! I’d love to climb around in it. I love the shot looking into the trees, very inviting.

  10. Doris P. said

    I love tree shots! That middle one is a doozy. The spectacular branching system and the roots are so fascinating. The darkness of the wooded area is also so appealing. What a lovely place.

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