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Botanic Gardens Brisbane

Posted by danudin on April 17, 2010

Yep not a flower, but thought that you might enjoy seeing somethings that are out of the ordinary over there.

This is a Bunya Pine. which I think is only indigenous to Australia and generally only in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. I have included a close up of the branch ending (?Fronds?) so you can see the difference from the norm. They also bear Bunya Nuts which are a staple Aborigine Bush Tucker in this area.


11 Responses to “Botanic Gardens Brisbane”

  1. The close-up does look like fronds of a fern…not prickly like pine needles. I think you’ve started a predominate color — green — like I’ve been doing.

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    The fronds are not what I expected…love the bright green color compared to the darker green in the tree…kinda cool!

  3. The detail of the fronds is lovely – great color and clarity. It sure doesn’t look like any pine I’ve encountered. Is it coniferous?

    (Whatever method you used to process and save this one certainly doesn’t produce any of the artifacts I noticed in the storm images.)

  4. That is an unusual looking tree but very cool. Nothing at all like the pine I posted the other day. Nice pic!

  5. Ellen said

    I like the detail shot. Plant geek stepping in! It looks a like a monkey puzzle tree from Chile, and is related. Same family as Norfolk pine that folks may know as a house plant.

  6. Sheila said

    Pretty cool. I have one question – Aborigine Bush Tucker — what is it?

    • danudin said

      Bush Tucker, Is what the Indigenous Australians gather and live off out in the bush. The thing that has enabled them to survive as a culture for over 60,000 years. It is only possible by being one with the land. People Forget that the United States has only been inhabited for a mere 16,000 years, and most of Europe for no more than 30,000 yearrs. Africa and Australia. That is where the action is.

  7. Great detail in the close up image, you certainly have some interesting things growing down under.

  8. Nice textures in these shots Ron. What jumps out to me is that while your friends photographing the flowers are reflecting their soft, sensuous and delicate natures through the images, you’ve opted to go for a prickly, bristling and pointed foliage that will poke you relentlessly if you get to close! 😉

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