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Peace Sign Benzed ???

Posted by danudin on April 13, 2010

Was drawn to this reflection on the bonnet of this car, and thought how close this is to the Peace Symbol, just altered slightly, but then folks from that neck of the woods seem to use other symbols for thier own devices, to my mind.


14 Responses to “Peace Sign Benzed ???”

  1. Judi Clark said

    I suspect you are referring to the hijacking of the “whirling log” symbol found in the Native American traditional blankets, but also in the Egyptian, Hindu and other cultures.

    Anyway, very cool photo!

  2. Except the Mercedes Benz symbol is much older than the Peace Symbol, which had it’s 50th birthday in the last couple years…..

  3. That’s quite a reflection there – someone has been polishing that car! I do like your composition on this, and the bold blue. A very nice capture here Ron.

  4. morrdraken said

    Wow, that’s a cool picture you’ve got here! I like the composition and the color very much.

  5. ~Val said

    Great eye to spot this, and wonderful job of capturing the image. Very unique!

  6. Tammy McChesney said

    Beautiful capture Ron….and way to see this symbol…that reflection against that brilliant blue is just spectacular! “peace”

  7. Mary Lou said

    When our 4-year-old grandaughter saw these in a parking lot she said “Mommy, there sure are a lot of peace symbols here!!”.

  8. Doris P. said

    I love this one, Ron! That bright blue and the crystal clear reflection are awesome!

  9. Wonderful image. I love the angle and the reflection on the knock-out blue.

  10. Bobbie said

    Cool! I love the way it looks like it’s floating.

  11. victry1 said

    Nice processing, Ron! I like the simplicity of the image very much. As a child of the 60’s, I do remember how popular those symbols were and how many used them as a peace sign.

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