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Trio – Becoming Two

Posted by danudin on April 10, 2010

Early last year I posted a shot of the Past, Present and Future Bridges, linking the Redcliffe Peninsula to the Brighton mainland, at the time I expressed a desire that they would retain the Old Hornibrook Bridge, but alas that isn’t going to happen.  HERE is a link to this years post and HERE is a link to last year;s post.   Apparently billions upon billions of termites are going to be without a home. They are pulling it down and this is the tool of destruction. Don’t you love the Frill on the Awning to shade the crane driver, who when he saw me taking this shot, said to his workmates, “He’s photographing my awning”

Part of the old bridge is to be retained as a fishing platform and I have been informed that the “New” bridge will have fishing stations and a walk/Bikeway as part of it’s structure, but I for one will miss the old structure.


5 Responses to “Trio – Becoming Two”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    A new addiction, awnings?? LOL A very powerful image and what great depth (or should I say height?)

  2. Can’t fool me, both those links go to the same post.

  3. I like that point of view – the angle of the crane is really nice – and that awning is the whipped cream on this treat – very fun!

  4. Ellen said

    Very nice shot and very nice title. Did you offer him a copy of this?

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