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Almost another Bird shot

Posted by danudin on April 6, 2010

This all Female Dragon Boat crew made such a great Pano, to avoid distractions that I felt it needed to be BIG Sorry!


14 Responses to “Almost another Bird shot”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    Awesome work (I can see you have been watching Grant and his panos)! I love this so personal and close up….fabulous capture!

  2. Great, exactly the right shape for a photo like that. Would not mind to be a part of that ;.)

  3. I like seeing a pano where the subject calls for one. Lucky you….more ‘birds’ and in such an interesting watery setting.

    I’m going to be posting a lot of flowers, so if you are all “flowered out” I will understand if the posts are few and far between! 🙂

  4. victry1 said

    Beautiful photo! I’m glad you made it big. Certainly does it justice.

  5. Here, that would be called an outrigger canoe. Dragon boats look like, well…….DRAGONS!

  6. Lorri said

    Same here, Julie! I think what I like best about the shot, Ron, is that pop of bright red color in one shirt. It just adds life to the entire image.

  7. Wonderful pano shot Ron – it works perfectly with that image.

  8. robin said

    love the pano. haven’t tried shooting one myself. question–what time of day was this shot taken?

  9. Bobbie said

    Great composition and sense of action.

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