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The third in the Queensland Bird series

Posted by danudin on April 5, 2010

None of these Bird shots were taken at Noosa but all are Queensland birds. The two baby Butcher birds will always make it into my shots as they’re my favourite endearing murderers, the cormorants sunning themselves down at Humpybong Creek, are just so good at what they do they fascinate me always too. The third image though deserves a little explanation though. In 1965 the Surfers Paradise Council installed parking Meters to rip off the tourists that flock to the Gold Coast in South East Queensland. Well tourist operators, fought back and employed some Bikini Clad Beauties to walk around and slip coins into expired parking meters, and called them Meter Maids visit the site if you want more info, but I asked Sally’s grandson  to grab me a shot of them for this series. Now for the explanation, cause I know Boomer will be reading this, he took the shot with his Sony P&S and the shot was very dark in the background and due to the lighting slightly fuzzy overall. All I did with his Jpeg was enhance, adjust lighting, in two passes, shadows then brightness, then then duplicated that combined layer, following which I used the High Pass filter sharpenig technique Karen Brockney showed me to get this image. My question to Mike is why does it look so much like HDR after just this processing. I hope everyone noticed that I am just in this for the Artistic learning that I can achieve!


11 Responses to “The third in the Queensland Bird series”

  1. Nice photo with blonde chicks 🙂

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    As much as I enjoy those birds, I do have to say that young man’s smile says it all…I think he is more into the Meter Maids than the birds LOL

  3. Sherrie said

    Great pictures of the birds! Nice story to go along with the beautiful bikini clad girls. Our meters are all gone, but our meter maids didn’t look anything like that! Have a great day!


  4. Terri said

    I was wondering if that was “little Ron” there in that picture. I bet you were smiling too and Sally was likely elbowing you. HA HA! Considering I am a female I like the first one best (not the last). Those are really cool looking birds.

  5. boomer3297 said

    Women in bikinis do strange things to the eyes!

  6. victry1 said

    Enjoyed all your bird pictures. You’re fortunate to have been able to get such a variety of shots! But, we do have blonde birds in the US, just not as meter maids. Haha.

  7. In Canada we have the same variety of birds, blondicus fevolicus, but they go by the unofficial name of Bare Breasted Bed Thrashers.

  8. Doris P. said

    Looks like things are heating up in Queensland! Nothing like butcher birds and blondes to make your week!
    You did a fine job on the meter maid photo, Ron. Seriously, it looks like a great shot.

  9. After hearing your birds vocalize in a prior posting, I have to wonder if those blondes sing as well and show their plumage???

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