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Noosa Aerial View

Posted by danudin on March 27, 2010

Photographed this sign, by the river at Noosaville, as I thought it would be a good way of giving you all a glimpse of my favourite oliday area, without the expense or terror that chartering a plane of my own would incur.

I have circled the area where we stay and labelled it Dog Park & Motel, (which has not appeared on the end shot – My Bad. It is located just below and to the left of the words Noosa River) but you may have to enlarge it to see.  At least this gives a great  overview of why the area is so appealing for a Photographer, Fisherman, Family on holidays.


7 Responses to “Noosa Aerial View”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    You have a little of everything around there, i can see why it is so appealing, not to mention, from your images, so beautiful! I just got through telling Scott that’s where I want to go on vacation!! Needlas to say, he is loving YOU for posting this! LOL

  2. I can see why you go back again and again. You can’t possibly see everything on one visit. Thanks for the overview….

  3. I was wondering about this Noosa you’re always talking about! Thanks for posting the aerial view…

  4. It looks delightful – I would like to see that lighthouse out on the point some day.

  5. Catharine said

    Lovely! I can see Frazer Island there in the top of the photo. We went there first time I came to Australia. Very interesting and lots of fun. We only stayed over night but did the bus tour round the island and went up in one of those small planes with a pilot called Bruce (what else :-)) and our guide called Graham who had been there like 20 years ago when my husband went there with his kids….well preserved in the sand that Graham.

  6. Doris P. said

    What a gorgeous spot it must be!! You get rivers, lakes and ocean all in one convenient location!! Must be awesome. I’ll be wanting to be there when it gets 110 degrees here in the summer!!

  7. Ellen said

    Enticing! I hope the tourist board gives kick-backs, we all want to go!

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