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March Theme Addiction

Posted by danudin on March 17, 2010

Two depictions from my weekend trip to the dams, the first shows people out enjoying the water while the rain sprinkled down. It was abiy ovrtcast and dull for this shot so I had a go at Psuedo HDR and I like this result. The second shot was taken where I stopped for a huge steak sandwich, and the addiction here is not so much the addiction on petrol and cars but moreover the addiction on Red Bull, but my concern is the Hazchem sign above the Red Bull Umbrellas obviously refering to the Red Bull.


12 Responses to “March Theme Addiction”

  1. Karen said

    Another beautiful warm scene, I think I might have to come visit if things don’t change here soon

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    These would both be great prints…I love the illustrative effect you achieved and the saturated colors!

  3. Now you got my curiousity up, how much is gas over down under, or is it under down over,?? (in your neck of the woods.)

  4. boomer3297 said

    Ron, Love the look, watch your yellows and reds with HDR. They have a tendency to blow out in HDR. Love the gas station shot!

    • danudin said

      Tricked you all it seems, as the gas station shot isn’t HDR at all just normal processing topped of with the High Pass filter, over blown to trick ya’s!

  5. ~Val said

    I thought you were showing us your addiction to HDR… 😀

    I particularly like the gas station shot. The boat in the left photo looks as thought it’s just about ready to roar up on the grass! :-O

  6. Doris P. said

    I thought the same as Val about the ski boat!! It looks awfully close to the shore! HDR was a good choice for both of these shots. I, too, like the gas station with its umbrellas and the framing by the greenery!

  7. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    Lovely shots as usual. I really like the boat one. More vivid colors and movement. Have a great day!


  8. Bobbie said

    The colors on the second image just scream TROPICAL!

  9. Ellen said

    The water skier image looks like a resort ad from the 60’s! Fun and warm shots !

  10. Judi Clark said

    I like the processing on both of these shots… when you say pseudo HDR, how are you doing this? I’m still rather vague on what HDR is, but I like the results.

    I love the “petrol” pump with the umbrellas! Looks so Route 66 to me.

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