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C is for Cone

Posted by danudin on March 14, 2010


7 Responses to “C is for Cone”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    What wonderful clarity and colors! Love the close up and the nice depth in the image! Pretty good for a cone head like you! 🙂

  2. Nice textures and sharpness. Are those pine needles sneaking in from the lower corner, or the antennae from some creepy-crawly?

  3. Really like the depth in this Ron.

  4. Doris P. said

    Hey, I was expecting something with ice cream in it! LOL Great angle and texture on this fine specimen, Ron.

  5. Bobbie said

    You got pine cones in Australia? This is also C for Crisp!

  6. Great detail and sharpness on this image.

  7. ~Val said

    Such a nice, sharp photo. The color contrast is especially nice.

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