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March Theme #Circles

Posted by danudin on March 9, 2010

Couldn’t find any interesting circles so I thought in an emergency who ya gonna call?

Wendy’s Orbs of cource, and what better candidate for an Orb than a straightish tree, makes a pretty good circle in my opinion and much better than chopping it down to see the rings. Now you all know that Orbs are addictive, so I went looking for another, Hey that’s two themes. Thought this beach scene needed beach balls and what better beach balls than orbs of the scene itself. Boy two for one – Winna!


6 Responses to “March Theme #Circles”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    Well, well, well, were gonna start calling you Mr Creativity! Wonderful for the theme…as much as I love that tree orb (what a great design that makes)….my vote goes for the beach ball orbs! How fun!

  2. If anyone is creative it’s you! Love the beachball Orb. As a total amateur I find it fashinating and could I try………. The tree orb is great to 🙂

  3. ~Val said

    Orbing a tree is much better than chopping it down…agreed! Love the beach ball, bubble orbs. Your right-brained side is showing! 😀

  4. Doris P. said

    OOOO, orbs! Gotta love them. The ones on the beach are particularly awesome. Very imaginative take on the theme, Ron.

  5. Bobbie said

    Clever! I like the beach picture better than the tree–the orbs really fit into the scene.

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