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Julie’s Blessing

Posted by danudin on March 8, 2010

The one person who has tried hard for the last 18 months to keep me on the straight and narrow (Photographically/Blogwise) Has been Julie, who offered to see what she could do with my blessing post in HDR. Which she did, taking up much of her valuable time and I thank her. In her reply emai,l she started by commenting that she knew how much I like colour, and as my internet connection is as slow as, I was expecting a B&W rendition, but no, she just used her superior artistic ability to show me how it should have been done, as a HDR, but I think that we both think the original, with maybe a bit of tinkering was a really good Photo. As a tribute, to her and My Main Man HDR Mentor “Boomer the Boy” I thought that I would produce a B&W version, as they both seem attracted to the effect. Well I tried but I am Sorry I just could not do it, and this is the best compromise I could make, having got the B&W version (YUK) I was forced to copy the original layer, above it,  and then cut the opacity down to next to nothing. I guess we all havre to know our own limitations, and this is as close as I am likely to come to a B&W Photo.


6 Responses to “Julie’s Blessing”

  1. Hey, Ron, I rather like that! Adding the lowered opacity color layer was a brilliant idea too. This shot makes me want to go downtown and shoot the parliament buildings. I think they may be in the same architectural style as your church.

  2. This is a great picture! I love the frame w/in the frame. The arch is amazing!

  3. Bobbie said

    I really like a muted “hand-tinted” sort of effect.

  4. Tammy McChesney said

    I love this with the hint of color Ron…I do have to say, this is one of your best! Perfect effect for this type of image! You did great!!!!

  5. ~Val said

    Swimming upstream here, but I still like the soft HDR from yesterday the best. I like seeing all your experiments, though. Learning process!!

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