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Boomer’s Blessing Badgering Backlash

Posted by danudin on March 6, 2010

Boomer (Mike) must be playing catch-up on comments, as he commented today, that my Blessing Post, (Repeated above) was a prime candidate for HDR Treatment. Now, normally I don’t listen to anyone’s suggestions, but Boomer is bigger and tougher than me, so I succumbed to Boomer’s Badgering and used my downloaded copy of Photomatix, which I haven’t paid for yet as you can see, (maybe I will have to part with the moolah). I was so pleased with the outcome, that as a bonus to myself and You All Too I applied the Effect to a shot I had of that courtyard which is just as appealing (To Me) I am not as clever as Karen (klsbear) and don’t no how to organize voting, so if you have any comments (Pro or Con) please post them. Thanks a bunch Mike.


19 Responses to “Boomer’s Blessing Badgering Backlash”

  1. Hmmmm… you could be right Ron, it might be worth cracking open the wallet for the program. It did a very nice job of bringing out the detail. The voting is done by creating a poll using the option on the left side of your dashboard in WP blogs. Check it out and let me know if you have quesitons.

  2. Sue said

    I like the photos Ron, but in the end I love images that are almost SOOTC…with little or no processing…LOL. I know ..boring but that probably what I am LOL.

  3. “I do not like green eggs and ham”. Dr. Seuss

  4. Sheila said

    I actually like both of them for different situations. I love the softness of the original and the depth as it makes you want to look into the picture whereas the HDR does point out the details very nicely and gives it a very different look.

    Great Job – Ron and Mike for passing along his knowledge.

    I may just have to get me a copy as well!

  5. HDR must stand for Hey Dude Right on. Great job Ron.

  6. Hey Ron – I’m going to throw out another option here. Does Photomatrix allow you to go somewhere in-between the two photos? Looking at them last night on the laptop (which tends to show darker images) the original was very dark, obliterating all detail, and the HDR version opened up that detail, but veiwing them on my desktop this morning I see a lot more detail already visible in the original, and the HDR version looks very un-natural in it’s colors. Orange stonework, acid green foliage, etc. Seems to me that some of the pro and con reaction to HDR across the board (and across the blogs) is in part a function of monitor calibration and how the individual is seeing the image. So in the case of this shot I’m wondering if there is a setting or option in between that would bring out the detail without pushing the color so far into what is seemingly un-natural. Or, on your monitor is it coming across as very much the way it was seen in real life and it’s the way my monitor is showing it.

    • Both my calibrated monitors show colors exactly as you describe, Karen, and they are very unnatural to my mind. Of course, I almost always prefer the realistic variety of HDR and though I also appreciate the stylized variety, I lean towards toned down colors. Maybe Mike will offer to work on this image like he did for Tammy’s. Actually, I wouldn’t mind having a go at it if Ron would provide me with the original RAW image.

    • danudin said

      Might be that I am processing them on my 17″ Dell Laptop, I will have a look onmy 24″ Dell Monitor and see if I can spot a difference, and maybe I am a little guilty,too.

  7. Tammy McChesney said

    It looks like you used the low light setting…what if you set it up maybe 1 notch or to maybe the high setting…it gives it a bit more realistic touch (it took me forever to figure this out and still not so good at it)! It is amazing how many looks photomatix can give an image, everything from an illustration look (which is what you achieved and did a great job) to a more detailed contrasted realistic look. As much as I love the saturated colors, I am finding I am loving the more realistic looks….it just depends on the image itself and self preferences. The HDR effect images would be great in a book!

  8. danudin said

    The Church where I took this is under renovation/refurbishment, and the entire front section has been either replaced and resembles the colour of the stonework in the HDR Rendition, the rear section is still a work in progress, and the stonework appears much as in the original. As the arch is in the old section I was surprised when the HDR version not only gave more detail but brought out the colour of the front stonework. For the first ever successful endeavour (Regardless of degree) I was happy because my two previous attempts had been such abject failures that I ditched them and the originals, out of frustration, and emailed Mike for some advice, which is likely when he went back through my posts and suggested, the blessing post. I thought that the HDR is a tad unreal, but it stll has it’s pluses for me.
    Maybe one day I will get it right, ubtil then “Ces’t la guerre (or is that Gare)!”

  9. I prefer the natural peaceful one but it was interesting to see the difference. The other looks as a cartoonpicture i my eyes but I agree it would be nice to try some different ways to show ones posts. If I only had time…..and skill

  10. Bobbie said

    I prefer the HDR version–I like the light and the way it opens up the scene. But I agree with Karen that if it were toned down a bit more to the othe side, it would look more like a photo and less like an illustration. But, to be honest, the fact that the second one looks a little unreal doesn’t bother me at all. Maybe I prefer unreality?

  11. Karen said

    I too like the processed version, it brings out so many more details. I don’t mind the distorted colors either, maybe it just comes down to personal preference.

  12. Terri said

    I like the detail the HDR shows, but I think I might pump up the saturation in the original to get some color, use some fill light for the darker areas, and increase the contrast a little. I think HDR has good qualities and uses. In this case, it makes the picture a little less real and more commercial, like an advertisement. I use Corel Painter Essentials for some of my pictures, but sometime things need to stay in their natural state. Its all in the eye of the beholder as we see here from all the differences in opinion. Its a great picture and I love the details. I am finding though in my own work I want to attempt to get a good picture without any interference. I hope this is improving my technical skills. Then I can work more on my creative ones.

  13. ~Val said

    I really liked the original, but the HDR is really nice, as well. I like the softer colors than some HDR finishes. I’ll have to check out Photomatix.

    Loved your title, too, Ron!

  14. Sherrie said

    Hi Ron,
    I don’t really know what all this HDR stuff is. But I really like these pictures. They look so real, like you could just step right into them. Have a great day!


  15. boomer3297 said

    Ron, nice effort! You are on your way to becoming an hdr master. It may take some time but the more you play with the program the better your results will get. If you don’t mind, a couple of suggestions:
    1.First, what I like, the layers in this shot are fantastic…each layer has great details and a slight difference in it’s shading. Photomatix did it’s job to equalize each layer in regards to details and shadowing.
    2. I really like the colors it brings out in the picture, yes that painterly effect.
    3. Ron, I’d like to here what you might do to enhance this shot even more but here’s what I might do. As I told Ron previously the saturation slider is very sensitive so I might dial back the saturation in the reds and yellows, I wouldn’t touch the sky though. Next, I would increase the midtones to bring back some contrast and definition. And finally, I would bring back some of the shadows to restore the image closer to the original.
    If you would like me to have a go at it just email me the original raw and I’ll write another tut. for it.
    Ron, again very nice effort and I thank you for mentioning me in your post.

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