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Ron Goes Batty

Posted by danudin on February 25, 2010

Aftaid it it is Ron Bores the Photowalkers time again. I got so disappointed at the results of my Fruitbat shots at home the other day, I thought that, I could get some better shots if I went to thier home, (There are around 10,000 living in the trees of the Redcliffe Botanic garden), Again it was less than the success I had hoped for but I did get a few interesting shots. I am posting two at a time as I have found that when I post four at once the bottom two don’t seem to enlarge.as was the case on the 19th with the four shots taken at the Roma st Parklands.. So bear with me I am learning.


4 Responses to “Ron Goes Batty”

  1. An interesting choice of a title here Ron – “goes” would indicate that it’s a state you hadn’t achieved, yet any of us on the 365 challenge had realized that you were well into that state by this same time last year!

    Now that I have that out of the way… I like the righthand pic better of the two. I wish the power lines were not there, as they obscure the wonderful cloud and distract from the fruit bats, at least for me. I find whenever I make such a comment you’ve got a comeback offering a reason why it’s an intregal part of the story that I’m missing, so I look forward to seeing if I’m missing something important here.

    • danudin said

      No I agree on the lines , but like Everest They were there, and too many. Youe only error was on the “Cryptic” Goes comment. all that was intended was that my previous attempts were taken from out parking bay at home, these I had to travel for, but fear not all round, De Fun Don’t Done Yet!!

  2. Iona said

    Bats eat an enormous amount of mosquitoes too, didn’t you know? If it weren’t for bats, Ron, we’d be overran with mosquitoes. DH built a bat house for me. Followed instructions and hung according to instructions. Said it could take up to three years to entice bats to live in it. It has hung in that tree going on 5 years but haven’t enticed them to our bat condo. Picky little buggers, I guess. lol

    Nice series of shots. Glad you were able to capture what you could.

    • danudin said

      Saw a doco once Iona that informed me that Texas Bats alone ate around 8,000 tons of moths migrating fromMexico to Canada over Texas Airspace, but Iona, these aren’t Bats – Yhey are Fruit Bats or flying Foxes, and they dine solely on fruit a pollen. Bats are Mice Size, fruit Bats are Fox size, not related.

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