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Ron Goes Batty #2

Posted by danudin on February 25, 2010

The first three of these shots show some of thier number heading out at dusk, heading westward to raid any of fruit trees in this area and heavens knows how much further. Again I was disappointed in not getting any clear shots, but I the lowering light they were just to fast for my camera (and me) so I went back yesterday, during daylighrt and had another go. That is to come when wordpress isn’t having it’s current hassles.


3 Responses to “Ron Goes Batty #2”

  1. Hmmmm… it seems clear to me that this makes for a good argument to convince Sally that you need to purchase that new Nikon with the 125,000 ISO feature. Much nicer without the powerlines (though I do miss the interst of the nice cloud). Have you tried a Bat Orb yet?

  2. Love the color of the sky here.

  3. Jessica S. said

    I love these. The blue is spectacular, and the bats make it so spooky. These would be perfect for halloween.

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