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A few more local Attractions.

Posted by danudin on February 24, 2010

Here are a couple of shots of the waters around my suburb, admittedly one is a Pseudo HDR, which even if it is a bit over processed, is a way for me to create a painting, which I could never do with brush and canvas Hope you enjoy and are enticed to come and visit.


8 Responses to “A few more local Attractions.”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    You would never have to entice me to come see the blue waters of your area…..you did that a long time ago! These images just scream out SUMMER!

  2. ~Val said

    The water color in the right-hand photo is so inviting! The left hand image just makes me want to kick of my shoes, pour some lemonade, and relax with those folks!

  3. Great pics Ron. Would love visiting Australia and we have a standing invitation from a couple we met on a cruise. They live in Adelaide and keep asking that we come for a visit. Your photos are helping and encouraging us.

    • danudin said

      Adelaide is fine if you like Churches, but don’t drink the water, stick to the Beer or Wine, LOL I live in Brisbane about 2,000 kilometres away, Perth is about 3,000 kilometres in the other direction, Darwin, is only around 4,000 kilometres North of Adelaide, could be a base camp, if you are rich as air travel in Australia is exorbitant. Your better off just coming straight to Paradise, and forget the croweaters, LOL

  4. Bobbie said

    I like the image on the left. It looks Impressionistic.

  5. Karen said

    These are wonderful, I love the painted look. Thanks form giving me some feedback on my pictures.

  6. The psuedo HDR reminds me of the old postcards. It’s an interesting processing technique and I agree that it does give them a painterly quality.

  7. I would love to come and visit. Great leading lines in the left image.

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