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Humpybong Dragonflies

Posted by danudin on February 22, 2010

I took the second shot first but as I moved closer to get a close-up, he moved, but even though, I then got a shot that I am proud of


7 Responses to “Humpybong Dragonflies”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    That first picture is just stunning…the clarity and detail in those wings are absolutely incredible….I am impressed!

  2. My, but that first one is a wonderful shot! I echo Tammy’s remark….

  3. Watch out Ron, you’ve got me, Tammy and Julie all agreeing on what a wonderful shot you’ve taken – did you bewitch us??? The clarity is quite nice.

  4. Ellen said

    That first one is amazing. The detail in the wings (geometric!) is so fine. Wonderful job. Here dragonflies are most abundant in late summer, there too?

  5. ~Val said

    These are terrific! The lacy detail you captured in the wings – particularly in the first photo – is wonderful.

  6. Jessica S. said

    That first photo is absolutely gorgeous! I’m very jealous of such a capture.

  7. SteveM said

    Sweet. The shot on the left is quite well done.

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