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Alone (in a big City) x 2

Posted by danudin on February 21, 2010

Maybe alone isn’t right, as both appear to have everything they need, but when seen in the backdrop of a busy city. Neither subject appears to be a candidate for pity, but on a couple of levels I do feel that for both. The surfer (due to youth I think) seems so tied up in his job (A surfing Instructor – I asked) you would think the beach was all there is! Yhe Jet Pilot in the SAAB looks as if he believes the ads, and is happy in his own company, but I just got the feeling that it was leased and the Diners Club Card is Maxed to the Hilt, (No I wasn’t game to ask _ I fear I would have been maced) Which one has my sincerest pity – The Pilot of course, he had Vivaldi, blarring out over the Saab Sound System, I could here it for about three blocks, and that is not the way to listen to Vivaldi – What was he thinking.


8 Responses to “Alone (in a big City) x 2”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    Both images are great…I never get to see surfer dudes walking down a street! I do have a complaint about the car pic though…tell that driver to drive on the right side of the car! LOL

  2. dorispac said

    These are great, Ron! I love that you captured the empty phone booth, too! The instructor walks like a man on a mission. The pilot seems like he is trying too hard. Blaring the music is usually a good sign of that :). Wonderful captures!

  3. Ellen said

    I like the phone booth and hope that surfer guy has a costume. I love the idea of an Aussie in a Swedish car blasting out an Italian composer. I must agree that Vivaldi at 3 blocks loud is just wrong.

  4. Jessica S. said

    I completely agree that Vivaldi should only be listened to at more gentle volume!

  5. robin said

    surfers are one thing i don’t walking around in my city. i like both of those pictures.

  6. ~Val said

    I have to say, at first glance (on the smaller image) I thought the surfer was wearing a kayak skirt! Glad I did a double take. I like the inclusion of the phone booth in the image. Gives a real sense of the paradox of a surfer on a city street.

    Who can fault ANY picture of a person enjoying a top-down day in a convertible?!

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