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Geometrical Shape – Architectural Focus

Posted by danudin on February 19, 2010

Here man has really take on the big one, looking past Nature in an effort to grasp the understand of EVERYTHING – E= MC2 (maybe) but I like the textured nature of the bricks best!


6 Responses to “Geometrical Shape – Architectural Focus”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    This looks like a grand building! I love how symmetrical each little part of the building is…and how that rich texture and color just comes oozing out….this is just full of personality!

  2. A neat shot. I like the blues of the sky and windows. This looks a building that should be in Europe. Beautiful structure.

  3. Jinxy said

    Great shot Ron.

  4. PatB said

    Really like the perspective and framing you did with this shot – beautiful structure, especially against that blue sky! Will I ever see a blue sky again…?

  5. Iona said

    You really must enlarge this to appreciate it, Ron. I like the strong assertive colored glass windows played against those strong bricks and tiles. That sky is magnificent. Also like the little dab of greenery that hangs down. It is like that anchors the building (as if it needed it) to the earthly plane. The church is really an outstanding piece of architecture. Lovely. Great capture.

  6. The persepctive on this show really emphasizes the size and the sense of soaring spires. Very nice how it enhances the visual geometry of the architecture.

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