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The last batch of Roma St Mistake Photos

Posted by danudin on February 18, 2010

Imagine that you are getting sick of this, but I  just thought it a good idea to clear the mistakes so that I can get onto some of the better shots that day provided. Got no idea what happened with the colour Purple, only difference I could detect between it and the images either side of it was the shutter speed went from 1/2000 to 1/3000 in this one.Anyone tell me where the Ultra Violet off switch is on a Nikon D70s, LOL.

The second shot was taken standing up in the train as we pulled out of the staion, (The lower part of the window was way too dirty) Kust emagine, these people spent all of Saturday out playing this game while I was exstatic at haing caught the ball in shot after the stroke had been mad. The bottom two shots show that it is always worth while taking a second snap (at least) of an interesting subject. But Wendy came to the rescue when I used the damaged image to create a very interesting orb. Hope you liked my mistakes – I Did!


10 Responses to “The last batch of Roma St Mistake Photos”

  1. Greg said

    I really like the orb photo..what software are you using to make it?

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    What outstanding mistakes you make to make that kind of orb! Beautiful!

  3. That is one fantastic orb! One of the best I’ve seen yet. Would you please send me the link too Ron?

  4. Jinxy said

    That Orb is fantastic Ron!! As for the one image I think the color gods have spoken and said you have over done it.

  5. PatB said

    Love the Orb – excellent job you did with that!

  6. Iona said

    Such rich floral colors. Great Orb. I haven’t made an orb in ages, Ron. Don’t want to get started again at this point in time. Perhaps if I had a rich uncle die and left me some money so I could get a laptop, I could start with the orbs again! lol

    Nice that you have your church photo figured out. And yes, I see the ball. Hard to capture ball. 😀 But it is the flowers and the orb that take the cake.

  7. Catharine said

    Love the globe 🙂 and all the others as well. Great mistakes.

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