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China Town’s New Entranceway

Posted by danudin on February 14, 2010

To celebrate Chinese New Year, Brisbane China Town (Fortitude Valley) The council and local business, got together to replace/refurbish this ornate Entrance Way!


8 Responses to “China Town’s New Entranceway”

  1. Looks like a fun place to visit, Ron. I love all of the bright colors against the beautiful blue sky.

  2. Greg said

    Wow…looks like Chinatown in Philadelphia! Great shot, Ron

  3. Those colors are so vibrant! Very good exposure levels in that bright Australian sunlight. Nice cooperation on the part of those red cars too, making sure they didn’t introduce a clashing color.

  4. KarenB said

    Chinatown is such a delight for the eyes! So many textures and colors. Love that red!

  5. Ellen said

    What great color indeed! Red everywhere and so vibrant.

  6. Sheila said

    Everyone above is sooo right – the colors are just a delight and so much red everywhere. It a place I’d just love to stroll thru and take in all the sites, sounds and smells!

  7. ~Val said

    Fabulous job at catching the energy of the place. Those colors are amazing!

  8. Tammy McChesney said

    Nothing to add since I came in late….I think everyone covered it well! Those colors just draw you in, hope while you were there you found some great Chinese food!

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