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Posted by danudin on February 13, 2010

Went to Sally’s son’s place the other day to celebrate her **th birthday, caught this shot of her son doing his domestic duties on the Bar-B-Cue and ensuring that the offering to the gods was duely sent skywards. I tried awefully hard to align the baskets to create a leading line, directing your attention to the smoke. Happy with this!


9 Responses to “Domestic”

  1. Sheila said

    Nice Job Ron! What’s for dinner? Was it steaks on the barbie?

    And yes, to your note to Julie – the USA has way too much snow!!!!!

  2. Jinxy said

    WoW!! Love the depth you captured in this one Ron.

  3. Tammy McChesney said

    Nice depth which leads right to the important part of the picture….FOOD! Hope he made enough for everyone! Happy Birthday to Sally!

  4. ~Val said

    I like the baskets, but I miss being able to see the cook (beyond just his arms).

    Happy birthday, Sally!

  5. Happy Birthday to Sally. The implied line created by the baskets and pillars do lead your eyes as you intended. Sounds like a yummy birthday celebration in a lovely setting.

  6. Greg said

    I like the depth of field in this shot and the lines created by the baskets and pillars. I can’t wait to cook out again, but my grill is covered by 2 feet of snow right now so I will have to wait!

  7. Ellen said

    I love the lines and the feel. happy Birthday Week Sally!

  8. Jessica S. said

    Ron, I really love this one. The composition feels so deliberate, and is pleasing to the eye with the line of baskets (or planters, or whatever they are) and yet you chose to obscure that guy behind them, which leaves us with a little mystery. Who is he? Why didn’t you show his face? Etc.

    Excellent job!

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