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Posted by danudin on February 12, 2010

There was something appealing about the end result of this shot, and for the purists it isn’t black and white just very overcast (taken within an hour of noon) When I saw this row of Flag Poles I played with angles and thought it tricky to break the rule of thirds , and at the same time to use a whole heap of diagonal lines to delineate a straight line from top to bottom of shot with the top knots alone.


8 Responses to “Geometry”

  1. Jinxy said

    Very clever Ron. Really like the way it turned out.

  2. Tammy McChesney said

    Love that angle, this is so simple yet so pleasing to the eyes! Love the stark contrast between the poles and the sky (hey I can see this one!)

  3. Wild applause!!!! What a wonderful shot 🙂 I like the graphic nature of the shot, the soft detail of the clouds when it’s enlarged, and the motion created by the linear element of the flag poles as it drags your eyes to the top. Very nice!!!

  4. Now don’t you go getting ‘artistic’ with us! This image meets every requirement you made of it. I like that ‘wild applause’ of Karen’s…what would that sound like in triplicate?

  5. ~Val said

    I like this a LOT! The strong lines and simple idea really make a compelling photo. Many people would have dismissed this image with no flags…creative eye!

  6. Greg said

    Very, very cool Ron…this is a WOW shot. Nicely done. I really like this one.

  7. A fabulous picture, Ron. I love the angle of the poles and their contrast to the sky.

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