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Feminine (Karen’s Suggestion)

Posted by danudin on February 12, 2010

When I posted another Five, Karen amongst others, stated that the Silk Flowers would make a good feminine post so I went out today to see if there was any truth in her Hypothesis, so I snapped the blooms in the centre. Dang it she was right, I had to take some close-ups but if you look closely behind thase lovely blooms you will see what makes them truely Feminine, those cruel looking thorns are truthfully suited to the creature deemed “More Deadly than the Male”


6 Responses to “Feminine (Karen’s Suggestion)”

  1. Tammy McChesney said

    For a masculine male who doesn’t like flower pictures, you sure did a feminine job of capturing these beauties (btw, the thorns are just the males in the woman’s sides)! 🙂

    • danudin said

      Sally says that I am a Pain but not in the side, and if I found you in the forrest with one of those thorns in your Paw, I would try to remove it, but while doing so, would not be able to resist comparing it to your TALONS. (btw – I was aware that Karen as WoW WiC (Witch in Charge) Psychological Warfare, was just pulling my strings to get me out snapping snapdragons (Bouganvillia) but someone had to show that behind the Feminine beauty is always a danger that Men better be aware of or carry plenty of bandaids.)

  2. Jinxy said

    Great image Ron, love them colors. Cant wait to see your come back at Tammy for her comments.

  3. ~Val said

    Lovely…but no comment on the thorns.. 😉

  4. Very beautiful. Makes me want summer very badly. The pink is gorgeous.

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