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Another Five

Posted by danudin on February 11, 2010

Was going to call this shot glass as it is a shot taken in a Shopping Mall display case, and is highlighting the silk flowers that made up part of the Japanese themed display of one of the tenent shops. Loved the challenge of getting images in spite of the lens trying to focus solely on the glass not the objects. Another posting based on the fact that I find the image pleasing.

It is called five because I am still working on my Glass project.

The reason I didn’t focus on these blooms is that with so many real flowers around, Silk Ones don’t do much for me. (Added 12 Feb 2010)


6 Responses to “Another Five”

  1. Pretty flowers! My eyes are drawn entirely to the middle, discounting most of the surrounding background. I would be inclined to focus in on them as a tight crop to highlight the blooms alone. Therefore giving you a very “feminine” shot!

    • danudin said

      Is that a hint at something Karen, I will never post a Feminine post, willingly -unless I can afford to buy one of those bootlegged photos of you at our College Graduation Bash! But hey they sell for big bucks these days.

  2. Jessica S. said

    I love the vivid orange in this shot. However, like Karen, I might opt for a crop to really showcase those orchids.

    • danudin said

      You and Karen are right to crop however you like, but I took that shot and the small circular shape above the blooms was a good three feet in front of the flowers and the ropes. I set the shot so that the entire surrounds were turned into beautiful Bokeh – Trust Me I am A Salesman!

  3. Tammy McChesney said

    My eyes (bad ones at that) are drawn right to the lovely blooms…I too like what the glass did to the background…the tinted colors and bokeh is great!

  4. ~Val said

    Tough when you have to fight a camera that think it knows better. Do you have a manual focus option on your lens?

    That said, I think you did a find job on these nice bright flowers. They are a great color!

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