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What is It?

Posted by danudin on February 7, 2010

Well for goodness sakes how would you expect me to know that, I was on my way out to the Great Koala hunt of the other day when I caught sight of this out of the corner of my eye, did a semi-legal U turn and went back to the Kippa Ring Fire Brigade House, and drove into the middle of one of their training exercises, but a kind young Officer came out and explained that it was a sculpture made up of parts that had been refurbished/replaced on their appliances. So I asked “What is it supposed to represent?”  He smiled amd said “That is the response it was devised to ellicit = It encourages people to save water?” I thought he had finished, but no he added “You don’t know when the firefighters will need it!!!” I was waved off with a whole string of beaming smiles when I said I would post his remarks on the internet.


9 Responses to “What is It?”

  1. Iona said

    Intriguing, Ron! Very colorful, especially with that white building as a backdrop. Someone worked hard to present that thing, whatever it is. Must have stayed up many nights dreaming up that design. 😀

    Anytime we can be good stewards of the blessings God has sent our way, it is our duty to respond in kind.

    I like the flags and the lush greenery.

    How nice of you to make that firefighter’s day with your promise.

  2. Great detail on the red squiggly thing. It would certainly make me say what the heck is that supposed to be. But once I knew I can see how it makes sense. A bigger pipe leading to a smaller nozzle in the end. Great for this theme.

  3. A good “what is it” you found here Ron. My first inclination was to suggest that the background was distracting and that if you’d been able to isolate it against the white background completely it would be more a conundrum, but then I thought of it in the context of your photo-journalistic approach and I decided that the sign on the side of the building, and the flags, helped set the context to explain what it is.

  4. Clara Williams said

    It certainly is interesting. It makes for a good design on your image.

  5. Tammy McChesney said

    I was going to guess modern art (whenever I don’t know what it is – it is modern art LOL)…after that nice fireman told you what it was I can now see it…not sure I would have before though!

  6. Jinxy said

    Reminds me of a card game called “Waterworks” Thanks for sharing Ron, great image for the theme.

  7. victry1 said

    Nice shot! Love the brightness and clarity. The red shows up really nicely. I was trying to figure out what it was too until I read your explanation. Recycling is good….. 🙂

  8. dorispac said

    I looks like an angry fire hydrant!!! It does have attitude! Nice capture, Ron. . . now don’t let it get away…:)

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